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that "You forgot to check under the bed." thing reminds me of that one doctor who episode "night terrors."

There’s a Two-Sentence Horror Story that covers this as well

After tucking my son into bed, he asked me to check under his bed for monsters.

To my horror, I found my son, cowering under the bed whispering to me “Daddy, I think there’s something on top of my bed!”


Watch: The scariest horror movie of the year is only 1 minute long

Director Ignacio F. Rodo’s one-minute horror movie, Tuck Me In, is creepier than some of Hollywood’s big-budget flicks. 

The idea was the spawned by a post on reddit’s AskReddit forum, where users submitted their best two-sentence horror stories. Tuck Me In brings the the thread’s most popular entry to life

What’s under the bed | Follow micdotcom 

A classic two-sentence horror tale brought to life.

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Warning Signs of Satanic Behavior. Training video for police, 1990

Love the necronomicon in the 2nd to last panel

Let’s go through each panel, shall we:

  • Rebellion against authority
  • Enhanced Privacy Needs
  • Nosy Parents that can’t communicate with their child
  • Movie Props
  • Suggestive Literature
  • Incense Paraphernalia
  • Wiccan Items
  • The Holy Grail

Well, Fran and Herbert if your son is a Satanist, then I have the dick the size of Florida.

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