Anonymous asked:

"Who the fuck are you to tell me how to live my life and how it effects the lives of others"- Well, I'm majoring in psych. , so I think I have a good grip on the effects of emotions, especially negative ones. "You pinheaded pole smoker" Well, I can't quite tell if you're implying I'm homosexual (I am) or a pot smoker (I am not). "The quality of my family's life" was not my main concern, and "3,000 people that say you're full of zebra shit" Perhaps, but I doubt all 3,000 people agree with you.

Majoring in Psychology and having a degree in psychology are two completely different things, Sigmund.

Come make to be when you have a piece of paper in your hands, that says you have the authority to charge me $500.00 an hour to tell me how my mother never loved me.  

I never asked for your opinion on me in the first place, and the human experience tells me much more than three letters tacked onto the end of your name ever will….

Forcing your opinion on someone that you know nothing about, makes you an asshole in my book. That may not mean much to you hoity-toity college kids, but I don’t give a fuck. I got a life to live…

And for the record, I could give two shits about what an anon ever has to say. So you can spout off as much as you want after this, it still will not change the fact that I don’t care what you think of me.

I will still say what I say how I say when I say in any manner of saying it, WITH or WITHOUT your condescending approval.

Now maybe if you were Magna Cum Laude of your graduating class, I would listen, but I doubt you’re not even close.

toothandfang asked:

Personally, I think there's a big difference between people who actually have gender dysphoria (where you seriously feel like you were born in the wrong body, strong enough to get your body modified to match what gender you identify as) and the people who just slap on all these labels to seem ~cute~ or ~trendy~. The latter is ridiculous, and makes the former look like a joke. Might be why a lot of people don't take it seriously is because of all the nutjobs.

I think you just hit the nail on the head.

I also think that most dissociative states are triggered by something, and that no one is born with it.  If it’s actually a chemical imbalance in the brain, then so be it, someone write a paper on it and get it published.  but until that time… well…

let me just put it to you this way… when I was growing up… I never heard of 75% of the shit that I think are just social diseases now. Does that make me a bad person? Nope.

Anonymous asked:

i dont know if youve talked about this already but what do you think about people using nounself (bunself/dogself/etc) pronouns?it bothers me because it doesnt concern gender at all, its more of a species/spirituality thing. i dont know just wanted to know how you feel about it, and sorry if you get shit for answering this, people are defensive about it for some reason

If you want to consider yourself anything other than male or female, whether than be trans, pan, a, bi or anything else… 

…best of luck getting an employer to take you seriously

…best of luck getting a doctor to look at you

There is a difference between physical gender, and what these people think they are. And when I say “these people” it’s because I am not one that associates myself with anything other than a human male. You are confused, or maybe you’re not.. maybe you’re exploring your boundaries, maybe you are experimenting with your auras or whatthefuckeverIdontgiveabloodyfuck. When you go to a doctor, and you tell them that you are neither male nor female, you are not walking out of that clinic without a several thousand dollar bill. They will want to know what the fuck is wrong with you. You may associate with birdkin, or deerkin, or smartphonekin, but if you put that shit on a job application… who the FUCK is going to take you seriously enough to hire you?

All I’m saying is this. Your perceptions of yourself, are yours, and yours alone. No one in the  REAL WORLD gives a flying fairy glitter shoes fuck if you THINK you’re a tree. What the fuck is a tree going to do for my company? You have a bad cough, how is a doctor going to treat a tree? What you need is an arborist!

Look, I’ll admit this… there are sometimes, which I can associate with something, human or not. Sometimes, I just like to stand in the yard, and be a tree. Just blow back and forth whatever way the wind takes me, and sometimes, I wish I could just shed all of my problems and responsibilities and be a tree….


We are people, he have a purpose, we have reason, we have a job, we have a mission. Your job, the reason you are here, the meaning of life… if you want to call it… is to find out what you were put on this planet to do. That’s everyone’s job, that’s the whole point. And I see so many of you dodging and avoiding that journey, and why…

…because you’re scared. Because you haven’t got a clue. Because you don’t want to fail.

Guess what?

We all were at one point. The people who grew up, and became adults, were the ones who decided to take that giant first step and start their journey. I’d like to think that I had it easy. I knew what I wanted to do from day one. I wanted to make people laugh. I wanted to make people clap. I wanted people to be entertained. I wanted to teach. I wanted to enrich. I wanted people to come on and join me… it’s a blast over here….

…but so many of you didn’t. So many of you, like the school kids most of you still are, stayed glued to those chairs during the dance, afraid that something might not happen, that someone might say no, and you were so afraid of failure, that you conjured up a way, where you wouldn’t have to face it.

You became a deer, or a tree, or a plant.

…and I can only facepalm so much.

If that’s the way you feel about yourself, so be it. I’m not one to tell you how you should or should not feel about yourself. But you will never have my respect. And you will never have my friendship.

rebirth-of-the-phoenix-rose asked:

I read somewhere that it's actually good to express your anger and that people who say it's bad to be angry about something probably have issues expressing their anger. It's actually healthy to express anger, because you're not suppressing it... Just saying. In other words-- be mad. Be very mad.

It’s not that I’m mad… its that I refuse to hold in any of my frustrations and anger any longer. I still have a shit load of pent up anger than I need to deal with before it kills me…. and releasing it is the only sure.

So I slaughter a couple Tumblr Anon faggots in my wake… who’s gonna care?

Anonymous asked:

Why are you always so angry? Bein' mad at the world doesn't solve anything, it only makes your life and all the people around you's lives worse.

Who the fuck are you telling me how to live my life and how it effects the lives of others, you pinheaded pole-smoker!

The quality of life of my family is none of your fucking business.

And as for everyone around me… I have close to 3 thousand people that say you’re completely full of zebra shit.